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Welcome to

Dr Scott Johns and our dental care team have been dedicated to providing life stage dental wellness and advanced referral level dental care -  at affordable prices - since 1994.

We are excited to announce we have two convenient locations in Erie PA:

Fairview Campus:  7733 W Ridge Rd. Fairview PA 16415

Millcreek Campus:  3802 Caughey Rd. Erie PA 16506 is welcoming new clients and new patients via application.

Q:  Are you concerned about a symptom of dental disease in your pet's mouth?

Q:  Are you interested in home dental care to prevent dental disease from occurring? 

Q:  Are you seeking the best pet dental care available in the Tri-State area?

Q:  Are you seeking referral level dental care at affordable prices?


If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions then is the right place for you and your pet!

At, you'll meet Dr Scott Johns and our dedicated team of veterinary paraprofessionals who have worked together closely for years providing excellence in preventive and advanced veterinary dentistry. It is our sincere hope that you will come to appreciate the experience and empathy that every team member contributes to the care of your pet.

Our team is laser-focused on your pet's comprehensive dental health during every Life Stage:  That's because every pet's overall health is deeply dependent upon their level of dental health.  

Our goal is to help you enjoy your pet's great smile for a lifetime!

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We care for client's pets by pre-scheduled appointment to ensure that each arriving pet has the time needed for their individual care.  Before arriving for any reason, always schedule and confirm an appointment with us ahead of time. The most efficient method for scheduling an appointment is by calling us

 toll-free at 888-838-4148

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