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Working Canine Institute

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Working Dogs

Working dogs - including but not limited to Handicapped Helping Dogs, Schutzhund Dogs for sport | search & rescue | police | safety | military, Detection dogs, and Others - especially depend upon excellent dental dental health to perform their work at optimum levels.

Dr J founded the Working Canine Institute from his passion of helping working dogs be the very best that they can be to get their job done.  

Repertoire of Care

Working Dogs have unique dental needs that arise directly from the type of work that they do.  Know that your Working Dog is in excellent hands when being cared for by our team.

Handicap Helping Dogs may experience diminished performance from discomfort due to gingivitis, periodontal disease, or a fractured tooth.  The dental care of a Handicap Helping Dog is very similar to a house pet - with particular emphasis on preventive dental care so that they can work with no down time.

Schutzhund Dog's work is especially hard on the structural integrity of teeth.  Thus there is a particular focus on endodontics for worn, chipped, and fractured teeth.  Protective stainless steel crowns are critical to protecting teeth from wear and tear of the work.


Detection Dogs depend upon their olfactory sense to detect their target.  Oral infection from gingivitis and/or periodontal infection can prevent them from properly sensing their target, resulting in diminished accuracy.

Work Desk

Anesthesia Safety

Intubated general anesthesia is necessary to properly perform intricate, multi-step, dental procedures - in a pain free manner - while protecting and maintaining the patient's airway.  A significant part of our doctor's training regards anesthesia for the wide range of patients (with and without complex health problems) that are cared for in a veterinary dental practice. We take our anesthesia safety very seriously including the following protocols:

  • Indicated pre-anesthetic health screening and bloodwork

  • Pre-procedure exam by Dr J immediately prior to the procedure

  • Use of established pre-anesthesia sedation protocols

  • Cuffed endotracheal intubation and 100% medical oxygen during all procedures

  • Isoflurane anesthesia

  • Life-Window Vital Sign Monitoring 

  • Only one patient anesthetized at a time - our patient has our full attention.

  • Only one patient anesthetized per day - we do not rush a patient's care to proceed to a next patient

  • Dedicated anesthesia recovery team 

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We care for patients only by pre-scheduled appointment to ensure that each arriving patient has the time needed for their individual care.  Before arriving for any reason, always schedule and confirm an appointment with us ahead of time.

The most efficient method for scheduling an appointment is by calling us toll-free at 888-838-4148

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