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Since 1994 it has been our privilege to receive hundreds and hundreds of dental referrals from primary care veterinarians in PA, OH, and NY.  We are here to help the referring veterinarian when there is a dental case beyond their comfort level.  Our goal is to provide excellence in referral dentistry care for your patient then return them to you for all subsequent care. Once we have seen a referred patient we provide our referring doctors with an emailed referral report to keep you informed and to coordinate care.  

We accept dentistry referrals for dogs or cats with dental/oral specific concerns that reside within the tri-state of Western PA, Northeastern OH, and  Western NY.  

  • Once you send us the referral please have your client call or email us 24 hours later so that we may begin their new client/patient application. Application acceptance is contingent upon available openings, service region, case selection, and terms of service.

  • As part of our NOMV protocol applicants must agree with our Terms of Service, which recognizes the dignity, health, and safety of our pet care team.

  • Note:  All new patients must pass a behavioral screening to ensure the health and safety of our team.  We will not compromise the safety of our team for pets that we deem unmanageable. 

To refer a client and patient please fill in and submit the web-form below (or call us toll free at 888-838-4148). 

Thank you for your referral.

Thanks for submitting!

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